History of ANAA

The Acoustic Neuroma Association Australia began life in 1984. It was the first Australian support group for people with an acoustic neuroma and joined the other two international support groups in America and Canada. Australia was breaking new ground and both the Canadian and American acoustic neuroma associations supported our establishment by sharing their literature and research documentation.

Newspaper Article that started ANAA Our history can be traced back to February 1984 when Barb Wolff (1931-2022) the who was our patron for many years, circulated a letter to newspapers and magazines throughout Australia to gauge interest and raise awareness of acoustic neuroma brain tumours. Most responses to her letter were from Victoria, but there were also several from New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania.

To each respondent she sent information about her acoustic neuroma experience, together with an information booklet from the American Association and a copy of their newsletter. She also sent a list of respondents from each state to all other respondents in that state. Barb Wolff's letter was the catalyst that motivated Australians diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma brain tumour to come together and form a support group.

At the first meeting on the 24th August 1984 in Camberwell Victoria, thirteen attendees decided to form the Acoustic Neuroma Association Australia and became members of the new associationwas born.

On 24th October 1986 the Association became an incorporated body with the title Acoustic Neuroma Association Australia Inc.

The organisation grew rapidly and in June 1987 saw membership peak at 170, a huge increase from the initial 13 who joined at that first meeting back in August 1984.

In January 1988 the Health Department of Victoria granted the Association benevolent status, which enabled the Association to make an application to the Australian Taxation Office for tax exemption status. Once the exception was granted in March 1988, donations of $2.00 and over became tax deductible.

In August 2009 the Association celebrated its 25th birthday at the Deaf Children Australia venue in Prahran, Victoria. The gathering was attended by six of the eight past and present presidents together with 70 members from across Australia.

The first ANAA website was launched soon after and members commenced using email to receive newsletters and exchange general correspondence.

In October 2009 the first meeting of NSW members was held at Goulburn NSW, closely followed by meetings in Campbell Town: Tasmania, Perth: Western Australia, and Adelaide: South Australia.

The Association ANAA was granted charitable status on 3rd December 2012

March 2013 saw the first gathering of ANAA’s committee members and State Contact Officers from Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria to plan the strategic direction of the Association.

2013 also saw a start made on building a new website for the association which was launched in March the following year. The member’s website was added in September 2014 and contained useful information specifically for new members. The members website includes:
  • A collection of member’s stories from members who have had a variety of AN treatments
  • Past newsletter going back to 2006
  • Collection of pamphlets aimed at helping those recovering from acoustic neuroma surgery
  • Meeting presentations
  • Profiles of the ANAA Committee.

ANAA Committee
ANAA was set up as and is a not for profit association with a sound committee structure with President, Vice president, Treasurer and Secretary positions supported by five committee members. The committee is supported by a the Newsletter Editor, Web Administrator and Meeting Organizers who carry out their specific roles in conjunction with the Committee.

Each state is supported by a State Contact Officers (SCOs) and are based around Australia. The main role of the SCO is to be the first point of contact with the association and to offer support to those inquiring about acoustic neuromas .

All the committee and support positions are filled by those who, have had or have been affected, by an acoustic neuroma and fill their positions on a voluntary basis.

History Via Newsletters

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Newsletter #1
September 1984

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AN Network Newsletter #6
April 2000

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AN Network Newsletter #87
April 2006

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AN Network Newsletter #97
August 2008

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Network Newsletter #145
February 2021

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